Fantasy Cakes
Cakes by Design with Grandma’s Taste
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FANTASY-CAKES was founded in 2009


It is nt difficult to imagine that an employee who feels taken into account, recognized and appreciated, is a happy employee that delivers more of himself and put his talents on behalf of the company, but also increase the sense of ownership on his team and for the company who works for.

Something similar occurs with our customers when they are acknowledged and appreciated when doing business with our company, It translates to revenue increases

This is why we have taken the initiative in offering you a program that we have named "Employee & Customer Appreciation Program". The concept is relatively simple and consist of GIVING a "Cake" as a present on our employees birthday or special occasions, with your own personal touch, Your company Logo and a message of appreciation.


This particular detail with your corporate image is something they will definitely enjoy and share with their families and / or colleagues

As you can imagine the investment is minimum compared to the benefits and results that the employee and / or customer could perceive with something that identifies your business but also brings "A Taste of Grandma."


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